Magic The Gathering – Ravnica Remasterd Collector Booster



Magic The Gathering – Collector Booster

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Magic The Gathering – Ravnica Remasterd Collector Booster


Ravnica Remastered brings amazing reprints and collectible favorites to a unique draft experience all its own!

Longtime fans of Ravnica will find Ravnica Remastered filled with familiar faces and cards, while new players can enjoy collecting powerful reprints as they explore the history of the plane for the first time.

Ravnica Remastered takes your players back to Ravnica, featuring cards from each Ravnica block that celebrate the plane’s incredible history. Encourage your most dedicated Ravnica fans to come to your store so everyone can represent their favorite guild.

Honor Ravnica’s treasured past with Retro cards overflowing with nostalgic charm; every Collector Booster contains 4–5 Retro-Frame cards, one of which may be a unique Serialized Retro card.

Every pack also contains 1–2 Borderless reprints, each of which may be either a Borderless Shock Land (a Collector Booster exclusive!) or Borderless card with anime-inspired alternate art.

A MTG Ravnica Remastered Collector’s Booster contains:

  • 15 Magic: The Gathering cards (11 of which are Traditional Foil cards)
    • 4-5 cards of rarity Rare of higher
    • 3-7 Uncommon
    • 4-8 Common cards
  • 1 Traditional foil double-sided token

Serialized Double Rainbow Foil Retro card in 1% of boosters.